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The handling of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has opened the door to greater U.S. Attention to simmering tension over the South China Sea, a shipping lane for more than $ 5 trillion annual, that the United States wants to keep open.

But does China’s rising power, it must take more responsibility to ensure free trade and security in the region, he added. ‘The United States military military alliance with Japan in the north , and with Australia in the south, with the clear intent of the compensation mechanism in China, ‘Su Hao, director of the Asia-Pacific Researcher Center at the Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, told the Global Times, a popular Chinese newspaper.

Obama plans to maritime security in the South China Sea at a regional summit in Bali to increase this week, defying China’s desire sensitive issue sensitive topic of the agenda.Send requests for information to three firms that have relationships with several firms, cram in complaint are appointed who continue current investigation into aT & T, Qwest and Verizon seem to be understood. Cramming telephone companies part Chair Rockefeller well sent letter to three companies, In the past year seemingly and with companies that are cram large numbers of consumers complaints generating partnership. Last year, we have an end to an online practical that the cost Americans longer a billion dollars into unauthorized charges on their credit and debit card, Rockefeller said in a statement I continue this battle. Where unauthorized charges on consumer on consumers ‘ phone bill, I’m will put an end.

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