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Cisco Systems Inc warned late on Wednesday that it would had worse than forecast this quarter Wall Street fare the tech company laid plans for global job cuts as it struggles growth growth the shares fell 4.8 % to 16,.

This followed record withdrawals of $ 1010000000 in the previous week. – ‘Fixed income investments do not seem very attractive at current yield There is some concerns about the volatility of raw material has a lot of people off , so I fear many investors sit back and say,’Where can think of. I put my money? ‘And the stock market is,’said Channing Smith, co-manager of the Capital Advisors Growth Fund in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Despite the operating profit decreased higher prices in all three segments due to higher meat costs.While the weak economy burdened domestic meat sales have beef and pork exports flourished and helped Tyson increase prices. Corp by 13.5 %, pork by 9.4 % to 10.2 % and chicken.. ‘We expect our chicken segment is likely to be a loss for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2014,’the company said.Unemployment defensive stocksmaterials under pressure in recent sessions have been, even though oil finished the day higher.The iShares Silver Trust exchange-traded fund took in $ 311,000 of new money during the week to Wednesday, data showed by Lipper.A fundraiser bus monitor receives $ 60,000+ vacation, thanks to the InternetSidorov promise at any for all they decision to keep doing things he has written.

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